Re: Gnome and scan UI.

> >Printing library is required for many applications but I don't see  
> >much
> >use of scanning functionality _inside_ AbiWord. Isn't it better to  
> >have
> >scanner app managed by remote (say dbus) interface that can produce
> >documents for later import of them. Of course this just requires  
> >design
> >decision. I would say it's better to have a managed app and the
> >advantage of an application is that you can make it's development
> >significantly faster by using modern language.
> Just think to a plugin for Abiword which add a "scan document" aside  
> from "import document or event start a document from paper. This is  
> great features somes people like and that make the difference. Of  
> course, this keep being a plugin.

Well, maybe some ocr library wouldn't be bad as well ;))


Petr Tomasek <>

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