Re: Programmatically showing the gnome panel logout dialog from external program

On Tue, May 16, 2006 at 09:10:30AM +0200, Isak Savo scribbled:
> >>  I know gajim has something to that effect, as most IM clients do.  It
> >> seems to use a XScreenSaver extension...
> >>
> >>
> >Thanks :) - I looked at similar code in GAIM, but was kinda expecting that
> >GNOME would have some sort of standard code for the applications to take
> >advantage of (such code would be quite useful, I think) - but doing it the
> >way you pointed out is just as fine. Thanks again,
> >
> The new Gnome Screensaver provides a DBus API that you can listen to.
> I'm not currently up-to-date with the functionality it provides, but
> it sends out messages when the screensaver activates and IIRC, there's
> also a method to get the idle time.
Indeed, there is a message sent by the screensaver that reports the idle
state. The docs say the API is still unstable, but that's fine - I guess
using dbus for that is the way to go. Thanks for pointing that one out :)

best regards,


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