Re: GNOME "Save as" dialog - defective by design

Dnia 28-03-2007, śro o godzinie 11:47 +0100, Emmanuele Bassi napisał(a):
> "most users"?  where?  do you have *any* usability study or even tests
> that demonstrate the need to move/copy files when saving another file?

I've asked a question do You have a need to do this.
I guess not. I had to do that just the other day.

> because it's *not* nautilus.

And it should.

> it looks very different from nautilus,

And it shouldn't.

> it doesn't at all work like nautilus

And it should.

You see... You have your opinion and I have mine.
You cannot make a valid statement to change my mind and I cannot either
change your opinion.
So this way of discussion is going nowhere, so let's stop here.

> what's more important: no platform GTK+ runs on has a file dialog which
> behaves like that; win32, os-x: they all have a file selector dialog
> which doesn't at all work like their file manager applications.

They all have their legacy. We have it to.
There were some good improvements in GTK+ save dialog recently (making
it more similar to nautilus) and I advocate going another step forward.

Just because everyone does this (wrong IMO) doesn't mean we have to

> and provide something that looks completely inconsistent depending on
> the platform?

You seem to prefer consistency amongst platforms. This makes GTK+ looks
out of place on every not gtk-based platform.

I do prefer consistency with the platform. This means using every single
advantage that is available in the current environment. Even the ones
unavailable on other platforms.
IMO this is a much better approach that using common subset to be
equally confined everywhere.

> > Same as "navigational" mode, with added name field and "Save" button.
> this would be completely inconsistent with every setup running a spatial
> nautilus.

Not more inconsistent than current dialog.

> you are proposing to change GTK+.

I sure do. :-D

> this goes beyond GNOME,

Not at all.
GNOME specific change, and surely in scope of GNOME.

Tomasz Sterna
Xiaoka Grp.

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