Re: gnome-config not found

2008/7/13 Rafał Mużyło <galtgendo o2 pl>:
> Well, I would start with something like the attached,
> but then the real porting will begin.
> Among others, this program uses gtk_tree, which was not simply
> deprecated, but marked as broken. You'll probably also need to
> read a bit about creating g_objects, to check what needs to be updated
> there. Some functions are also used, that have no direct equivalent
> in gtk 2, like gtk_widet_popup (that probably will have to be changed
> to gtk_window of POPUP type.
> In short, have fun.

Hi, yes, after doing some *shabby* changes to the Makefiles, 'make'
gave only the compilation errors, and based on them, I also figured
that usage of the `gtk_tree' API would've to be completely
revamped.... and that's of course the least to begin with, so, yes, I
can see it's going to be fun! :D
However, if you could point me to some link(s) where I can get some
comprehensive info say about `g_objects' et al , I'd be really very


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