Re: Evolution apx-gpl.xml translated doesn't work?


I'm replay to myself.

apx-gpl.xml basque translated file's all tags correctly. So the only
thing wrong has to be out of XML format. I mean, there was some characs
before each open's tags that aren't visibles that seems to be like tab
or space characters which vim edit tool couldn't delete or move in with
the cursor.  

So once all these characters are deleted the apx-gpl.xml file is showed
fine in the help browser. 

I think the matter comes from translator used output file format (they
work in Windows), so now they are noticed about this issue.

Thanks and regards,


Jatorrizko mezua: data: ar., 2003-12-02 17:15, egilea: dooteo
> hi,
> Evolution help files are translating to basque language. We are making
> some test. Copying translated 'apx-gpl.xml' into evolution help files
> directory makes to help contents doesn't work.
> All the XML tags are OK, but it looks like it only could handle on
> english version. With some other files, like 'preface.xml' or
> usage-calendar.xml' translated files, help content works fine.
> Any suggest?
> Thanks and regards,
> Dooteo
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