Re: OT: ISO standards who? (was Re: French character names ingucharmap)

On Sat, 2003-12-20 at 14:07, Ramanan Selvaratnam wrote:
> ... but not loosing the plot and being selfish continuously trying to
> improove ... see Why silgrphaite? at

Pango is implementing mechanisms to allow SIL Graphite plugins...

> [I recently found out that even to participate in general discussions
> relating to Unicode take up is behind a $10 membership fee barrier,
> individual egos etc..all negative stuff.]

You have been misinformed. There is no membership fee, and no individual
ego gets into your way if you can get rid of your own. I've been a
player in the Unicode game for about five years, and I've yet to see a
single sane proposal compatible with Unicode policies to be rejected

> (Apart from the obvious principles I find a $10 charge and ways to get
> it across impossible. I live in the UK BTW)

There is no $10 charge. Where did you hear that?!!

> In the case of of Unicode they, whoever that is who takes decisions must
> be really daft to let them selves be used by the negative setups like
> the one I described above.

There is no such setup.


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