Re: [gnome-network]libgnetwork API/ABI Stability

Rodney Dawes wrote:
I just talked to rodrigo on IRC about this. The transfer manager is
going to be a separate module and just have it's own library wrapper
around it's IDL for now. I should have some time soon to write all of
the necessary bits to put that in CVS. So, expect to see it there at
some point this weekend. I just realized how little time is actually
left, and will try to get a fairly complete architecture written this


weekend with a stable API/ABI. And having discovered some major issues
in some of the vfs API calls, I see that we are going to have to use

Have you reported this as a bug? I try to help teuf where I can. What is the problem/bug?

some code from downman anyway probably. But this is good since the way
emphetamine currently does transfers expects that gnome-vfs actually
works when it is supposed to, and it doesn't. Also, the way that you

emphetamine just uses the _xfer function, this is like copy.

are doing it in downman seems to allow more flexibility, so that we
can fake pipelining of downloads in some cases if we care to add that
feature at some point.

Yes. This also allows for *resume* and speed limit.

Hope to see the code soon :)

Manuel Clos
llanero eresmas net

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