Re: Theme dir..

On Sat, 2002-08-10 at 19:46, Seth Nickell wrote:
> Yeah, but I think there are better ways to get this feature. We could
> support it directly, for example. :)

Yeah, but we also have other bold plans of awesome things that have not
left the vaporware stage yet :-) This works right now, even though it is
not perfect.

> When I was typing the below I
> actually thought "hm, I bet Tuomas will kick in to save these for his
> post-it notes feature" :-). The actual "previewing" they provide has


> been pretty much useless in my experience. Not sure if the idea is
> faulty, or if the implementation just isn't good enough to be useful
> yet.

You mean the icon is so small that in practice you dont see much of the
file contents?


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