Re: Gnome 2.6: What were you thinking?

On Fri, 2004-05-14 at 18:36 -0300, Fabio Gomes wrote:

> My idea is to call the browse mode File Manager. For the spatial mode
> there is no need for a definition (to the user). It may be treated
> simply as part of the desktop. The windows can be referenced as 'folder
> windows'.
> This way, the user will know that if he/she wants to do complex stuff
> with lots of files and folders, they should use the File Manager.

Except that the spatial mode is supposed to be better for doing file
management tasks, such as copying files to other places, whereas the
browser mode is supposed to be better for finding files that you're not
really sure where they are, so you can go into folder A, oh, the file
isn't there, click the back button, go to folder B, and so on.

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