[Rhythmbox-devel] yet another new mockup (meta)

I gave this mockup a name to make this thread a little bit less
confusing hopefully. ;)
This is building on my opinions, the new mockup by Jorn and the
discussion about it, including Mark's new mockup.

Screenshot here:

Glade file attached.

Comments: This one gives a bit of breathing room, for example the song
information could be moved from the status bar to the search bar again,
I don't really have an opinion about that.
I still believe that Repeat and Shuffle work much better in the
statusbar. After all they act mostly as some kind of status indicator
(is repeat activated, is shuffle activated?). For the same reason I'm
against removing the repeat toggle. Maybe it's not used often but it's
certainly useful to see weither it's activated or not.
Jorn's mockup had three exactly similar looking buttons placed besides
each other with absolutely different behaviour (volume opens a slider,
shuffle is a toggle button and the multi button would execute a function
which is changing depending on the view). I don't think that's a good
idea. :)
I moved the volume button to the left because otherwise the seeker could
easily be mistaken for a volume slider now and it looks better there
The search bar could be made toggable via the view menu if someone needs
more screen estate.



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