Re: hitler's flag

On Sat, 6 Dec 2003, Rob Adams wrote:
> There's no such thing as a "Gnome SVG flags package".  If you're
> referring to the SVG flags collection maintained by the developers of
> Sodipodi, a vector graphics program that uses GTK, you should talk to
> them.  That flag collection, however, is a public domain clipart
> collection.  There is no denying that convenient access to the flag has
> a number of uses, such as the study of the Nazi regime.

You're right - it is not a GNOME issue and should not be on this list.
Again.  A quick browse of the archives would reveal an extensive discussion
on this topic as recent as 2003-12-4.  Sebastian should have read the

> I also object strenously to policies that allows the "lowest common
> denominator" of free speech.  In the US, it is unconstitutional to pass
> laws outlawing the use of or dissemination of a symbol.  I don't feel
> that as a US citizen living in the US that I should feel beholden to
> this ridiculous German law.

Strongly seconded.  If the people of free countries are forced to abide by
the ridiculous laws of every Socialist/Communist/dictatorial country,
nothing will ever happen.  Too much time has already been wasted discussing
the German flag and the Taiwanese flag because of overly sensitive peoples.
If people don't like them, remove them and get over it.  Judge the software,
not an easily removed image.  AFAIK they are not distributed with GNOME at
this point, so this should be the end of the discussion on this list, imo.

My $0.02

Erick Woods
erick gnomepro com

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