Re: hitler's flag

Am So, den 07.12.2003 schrieb Erick Woods um 08:29:
> You're right - it is not a GNOME issue and should not be on this list.
> Again.  A quick browse of the archives would reveal an extensive discussion
> on this topic as recent as 2003-12-4.  Sebastian should have read the
> archives.

> AFAIK they are not distributed with GNOME at 
> this point, so this should be the end of the discussion on this list, imo.

I've done so but I could not find a final thought on this topic.

> Strongly seconded.  If the people of free countries are forced to abide by
> the ridiculous laws of every Socialist/Communist/dictatorial country,
> nothing will ever happen.  

You are perhaps not familiar with the German history or state of
society. So it would be wisely not to denigrate other political and
legal conceptions.

> Too much time has already been wasted discussing
> the German flag and the Taiwanese flag because of overly sensitive peoples.
> If people don't like them, remove them and get over it.  Judge the software,
> not an easily removed image.  

Flags are in no way just images. The nature of the flag is a political
one. And the use of a flag is always a statement. So you could say that
software should not be put in a political context by including political



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