Re: hitler's flag

Am So, den 07.12.2003 schrieb Rob Adams um 08:16:
> There's no such thing as a "Gnome SVG flags package".  If you're
> referring to the SVG flags collection maintained by the developers of
> Sodipodi, a vector graphics program that uses GTK, you should talk to
> them.  That flag collection, however, is a public domain clipart
> collection.  There is no denying that convenient access to the flag has
> a number of uses, such as the study of the Nazi regime.

I will do so.

> I also object strenously to policies that allows the "lowest common
> denominator" of free speech.  In the US, it is unconstitutional to pass
> laws outlawing the use of or dissemination of a symbol.  I don't feel
> that as a US citizen living in the US that I should feel beholden to
> this ridiculous German law.

The law is a strong weapon to defend our democracy. The German society
made a radical change in only 50 years. I don't think that this would
have been possible without such a clear statement of anti-fascism. And
this is in no way ridiculous.

Perhaps politics have a greater role in the European public space than
in the US. And here it is a struggle for the public places and daily
live no to be taken by anti-democratics and theirs symbols. This is just
a guess: but have you ever been confrontated with a group of hundreds of
nazis in the US? Here are weekly demonstrations and anti-demonstrations.

But this is way off topic.


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