Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Re: You are missing the point

Le jeu 11/12/2003 à 20:18, Manuel Amador a écrit :
> Hmmm....  The *real* challenge is to make GnomeMeeting as easy to use as
> iChat *while* keeping its excellent videoconf specialization
> untarnished.
> The whole point is having a single app or a set of bonobo components,
> not two different apps, and I second you in that.  But I think it's
> possible to do what Eugenia wants, without forking.  You see, I wouldn't
> mind if, e.g., instead of an integrated chat/AV app like iChat, I could
> seamlessly open a GnomeMeeting AV session that was LINKED but in a
> separate window.

The ultimate purpose is to :
- Keep specializing gnomemeeting in videoconferencing and Voice Over IP
- Have a Bonobo component (or whatever equivalent) reusable in
applications like Gaim but also like Evolution (appointments)

What we can currently offer with the current code is calling
GnomeMeeting in the background from Gaim. Notice applications like KMess
already support MSN Invitations, ie your Win98 correspondant right-click
to open a video session, it launches Netmeeting on Win98 and
GnomeMeeting on Linux, everything is transparent for the user.

However, I repeat it, supporting proprietary protocols are not an
objective for us.

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