Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Re: You are missing the point

> But that doesn't mean that reusing GnomeMeeting's features into a Bonobo
> component is not possible. We never said that. I have even discussed it
> a while ago with the Gossip maintainers and that's on the TODO list.
> However, GnomeMeeting is not iChat. GnomeMeeting is far more specialized
> in videoconferencing and Voice Over IP and it would be sad to rip those
> features off to bring it down to the level of functionality in that area
> of iChat (or Messenger).

Hmmm....  The *real* challenge is to make GnomeMeeting as easy to use as
iChat *while* keeping its excellent videoconf specialization

The whole point is having a single app or a set of bonobo components,
not two different apps, and I second you in that.  But I think it's
possible to do what Eugenia wants, without forking.  You see, I wouldn't
mind if, e.g., instead of an integrated chat/AV app like iChat, I could
seamlessly open a GnomeMeeting AV session that was LINKED but in a
separate window.

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