Re: Formalising the release naming process [Was: GNOME Development Release 2.5.3]

<quote who="jamie">

> I feel sorry too for someone promoting the stuff who gets asked "So
> What's Gnome go to do with ******** then?" by potential business users.

How many potential business users read gnome-announce-list? How many care
about GNOME development releases? Do they read all the political release
announcements too? Are they Republicans or Democrats? Do they understand US
politics? Do they worry about the English monarchy having undue influence
over GNOME?

> I can't believe you don't have an editor who proof reads everything prior
> to being submitted to the Gnome Announcement list or any other media
> designed for wider public consumption. If you did, things like this would
> not or should not happen - letting any johnny post whatever he likes there
> is asking for trouble. 

gnome-announce-list is moderated. The release coordinator is the editor who
writes and proof-reads the GNOME D&DP announcements. He is not "any johnny"
who thinks he can post anything he bloody-well wants.

- Jeff

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   "I think it will be admitted by all that to have exploited so great a
     scientific invention for the purpose and pursuit of entertainment
    alone would have been a prostitution of its powers and an insult to
        the character and intelligence of the people." - John Reith

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