RE: Formalising the release naming process [Was: GNOME Development Release 2.5.3]

On Tue, 2004-02-10 at 15:03, Gerardo Marin wrote:
> Mostly a lurker, I'd like to point that we limit ourselves in a lot of
> places within HIG not to use jargon, body parts and phrasing that can
> offend users, in applications, dialogs or icons, even taking care of a
> multicultural environment.
> I presume that such language use within an application wouldn't be
> accepted regardless it can be called "funny". 
> Hence I can't understand why such simple criteria can't be applied
> elsewhere if it's recommended to developers.
> By accepting this kind of behaviors we simply set double standards. I'm
> sure we don't want that.

Adding yet another 2 cents ...

Ignoring the fact that the HIG specifies how GNOME should WORK, not what
internal releases are called, I don't think anyone is saying a release
SHOULD have the word testicles in it, they are just arguing that it
should NOT be such a big deal.

Please, its an irreverent phrase that happens to include the scientific
name for a body part -- it may not be the best name, but it is not a
horrible name either. No one was actually offended by it, but if there
were a person to be offended by it, they should seriously reconsider
their ability to interact with civilized adult society.

I'm *totally* with Jeff on this one. Given the amount of immaturity I've
seen on this list, most notably by the original complainant, I think
there should be no more "fun" release names. Its the only way to make
EVERYONE happy, and avoid this recent gong-show.


Yay for political correctness.


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