Re: Where we stand in regard to the future platform / desktop technology

On Mon, 2004-03-29 at 10:02 -0500, Sean Middleditch wrote:
> You're missing one of the main arguments behind using C#/Java - that's
> what's being taught in schools, that's what companies are looking for in
> the coders they hire, and those are the languages people are *expecting*
> to use.

That is irrelevant to the discussion. There are gtk/gnome bindings for
both C# and Java so that is a ficticious problem. I don't think the
number of companies looking for coders that do this kinds of things in
either .Net or Java is significant anyway, and toolkit bindings are what
they mostly need.

> And don't also forget how very unstable Python is in regards to
> modules.  A user upgrades Python (say, upgrades their OS?) and *poof*
> half of everything stops working properly.  You need a copy of every
> module installed for every version of Python you have (because your apps
> are generally made in a way that invokes a specific version of Python,
> again to deal with broken module versioning).

I didn't know python has that kind of problem. It is a PITA. At least
during a major version life cicle it should respect ABI/API.


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