Re: new gnome-session logout

* Jacob Berkman ( [990802 11:02]:
> Hi,
> After updating to the newer gnome-session (with the RH6 patches merged in)
> I immediately wanted to save the session by default, but be able at "end
> session time" to not save the session.
> Anyway here is a little diff that does what I want.  I can commit it if
> you like, or just leave it in my local tree forever.
> Thanks,
> Jacob

While we're on the subject (kind of) it would be *really* nice to have
some sort of way to save and restore named sessions. When I think of a
session manager this strikes me as core functionality, and yet Gnome
has now reached v1.0 without any such feature. I want to be able to
set a default session, and be able to revert to that whenever I want,
and it would also be nice to save a "Updating my website" session, and
a "Fiddling with C code" session, and switch between them.

Surely most of the code is already there to facilitate this?

As to trashing sessions etc, maybe have a look at how WindowMaker
handles these (Exit WM (saving session), or Exit Session (revert

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