Re: Probably a stupid question-GnomeMDI&GnomeApp

On Dec 03, 1999, Hassan Aurag <> wrote:
> Ok,
> I understand a bit more now.
> Nut let's say my GnomeApp has docks all over the place, does this mean 
> I need to replace GnomeApp by a GnomeDock which is the container and 
> then put this into an MDI class

Well, I'll put it this way.  Add the same widget to GnomeMDI that you
used to call gnome_app_set_contents() on.  GnomeMDI accepts the raw
widget, and manages the wrappers itself.

> Then use the MDI set_template_menu toolbar etc... to embed my present 
> GnomeApp menus and toolbars into it?

Yup, you hand off the menu structures to GnomeMDI, and it will manage
them for you.  Also, don't forget that you can create child-specific
menus that will only appear when that child is showing.  You basically
create a stub menu in your main GnomeApp-level menu array, and tell
GnomeMDI to use it, with gnome_mdi_child_menu_path().

Then, you set up each child-specific menu with
gnome_mdi_child_set_menu_template() if you want to use GnomeUIInfo
arrays for the child menus, too, or with
gnome_mdi_generic_child_set_menu_creator() if you need to create the
menu widgets dynamically, although the second method can get a little

[ I believe I'm stating all this correctly.  Please correct me if I'm
wrong. ]


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