Re: Decoupling GNOME Office?

Jon Trowbridge <> writes: 
> While I have no a priori objections to doing anything under the
> banner, their "discuss" list already seems to get a
> fair amount of traffic on StarOffice-specific topics (feature
> requests, their C++ API, etc.)  It therefore might not be the best
> place to hash out questions of identity and purpose for GNOME Office.
> So I guess my vote for

OK. Keep in mind though, the idea is to merge the OpenOffice project
and the GNOME Office project. So either they have to move over here,
or we have to move over there. Hopefully the GNOME Office people have
been hearing from Sun on this (I know there have been some talks with
the Gnumeric people, I don't know otherwise). 

Are there actually topics people want to discuss on or will it be as quiet as the workshop list?


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