Remote X-windows (was slow remote X windows)

After further investigation I realized that I was victim of my own
stupidity: when I changed the theme in my GNOME session it is the
local theme what I changed, and the remote windows do not use the
local theme, they use the theme as defined in the remote machine.

* Which  raises an interesting question, does GNOME assume that the
  home directory of two different GNOME apps running in the same X
  server is the same?

What I mean is the following. If G app is running in machine A and
displayed in machine B, G app takes its GNOME configuration from the
remote machine home directory (the theme, for example). In a truly
network object environment, there should not be a dependency of a file
system, IMHO. The app should ask the running GNOME system what are the
display parameters needed to execute a given task, not the file

It is interesting for example, that if you change the local theme, it
does not change the theme of the remote apps. But if you change the
theme in the remote machine, the remotely running apps do not update
their theme until they are restarted. It like they don't belong to the
remote or the locally running GNOME.

In the same line, I have not been able to add remotely running applets
to the current panel.

What is the opinion of others on the subject? 

Daniel M. German                  "The "people" who exercise the
                                   power, are not always the same
                                   people with those over whom
   John Stuart Mill ->             it is exercised."


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