Re: XSelectInput in applets

> gnome-panel is on the same bugtracker, so in any case the bug can be
> bounced around and thought about.

> The main loop isn't just about that, it's also e.g. for the idle
> handlers.
Well, I see. But another handler for idle events (I don't know whether
gdk provides this) would solve the problem. Actually, I looked at
libwnck - you use idle events to actualize the window tree inside the
library, don't you? In my library I do not build this stuff - I work
with window properties only - so I don't need any internal structures to
keep all windows (so I have no consistency problems!)

> Yeah, probably so. I've written enough non-glib code lately to know
> that it's really annoying. ;-)
I see you point. And since you don't have the priority for "pure C+Xlib
code" - you probably really get advantages of using g-features. So, it
means we can hardly commoditize our code. I really want to promote my
library in k-world too - so cannot afford g-things inside:). Well - the
counters for XSelectInput are necessary anyway - so my applet will use



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