Re: Slow loading of GNOME 2 apps and other details

Michael Meeks <michael ximian com> writes:

> Hi Gerard,
> On Thu, 2002-06-27 at 18:06, Gérard Milmeister wrote:
> > I am trying the GARNOME release of GNOME 2 final, and as with previous
> > releases I notice, that GNOME 2 apps tend to start slowly. From
> > observing the harddrive I find that the app seems to have long been
> > loaded but doing something other. A guess might be that connecting to
> > gconfd takes a long time, or something with the font handling (I have
> > several hundreds of TT fonts). It seems, that if I disable AA thing go a
> > little faster. 
> 	It's pango initializing and scanning the fonts on your system [ or if
> not pango, freetype on pango's behalf ].
> 	Ultimately pango-1.0 doesn't work so well on a system with a huge
> number of fonts - most especially for the ft2 backend - used in the
> canvas ( eg. ). But ... the good news is that pango-1.2 is (apparently)
> not far off now - and will use Keith Packards 'fontconfig' to solve all
> these problems in a super snappy way.

Actually, if you upgrades to FreeType-2.0.9 or better and recompile
Pango, you'll see a huge improvement, and it won't be all that bad.


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