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Hi Lauris!

El dom, 10-03-2002 a las 11:30, Lauris Kaplinski escribió:

> I think you should drop the idea on relying on gnome-canvas event
> routing to catch palnets, but instead write your own. Let me explain:
> Now, for each mouse movement, you'll find closest planet and ship,
> and show highlight marker on these. If user clicks
> mousebutton, you just mark given object as actually selected, and
> move selection marker to it.
Trapping all mouse events will not make the app to slow? if not, this
sounds like a terrific idea! :-)
> Thus you will avoid moving both mouse cursor and canvas, that
> can disturb users. Plus you can relatively easily implement
> autoscroll (just doing some timeout-based magic on border area).
> Plus users will have immediate feedback, which object will become
> selected, if they will press button.
Yes! yesterday I was chatting with one gnome developer at gnome IRC, and
he helped me about thinking how to move canvas underneath mouse pointer,
but later I was thinking that that could be a bad idea because the user
could loose if the starchart moves too much. Your idea is great, the
only thing that I don't know is if trapping every single mouse movement
event will make my app to cpu-intensive.

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