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Hi Lauris,

El lun, 11-03-2002 a las 10:49, Lauris Kaplinski escribió:
> Canvas is catching all mouse movements anyways ;-) It checks,
> whether any object is under pointer, and if true, then emits
> enter/leave/move... events on that object, otherwise does
> noting. Your code would probably be much simpler, as you
> do not have to bother with determining distance from generic
> shape but only from single point.
> It, of course depends on the number of planets and ships, but
> I think there has to be very many of them, before speed
> becomes problem.
Well, generally there's 500 planets and 500 ships in a 2000x2000 canvas.
Now I'm figuring out a quick method to calculate distances. Thanks!!
Lucas Di Pentima - Santa Fe - Argentina
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