Re: Followup: opinions on Search services

Hi there,

> It is debatable. If your reality is modern machines with tons of ram
> then yes but for others less fortunate...

what would you call a modern machine with tons of ram? Here in Portugal
the current standard (new machines you buy in computer shops) is at least
a 2Ghz Celeron /512Mb RAM desktop machine and cost around 450Eur.

This seems quite fair for Beagle/Mono.

Typical buyers of these machines are the users, from my POV, targeted by
Beagle: the same folks that want some simple way of searching their
personal stuff.

I'm not saying it's OK to have huge requirements, but you must draw the
line (target audience/platform requirements) somewhere otherwise you'll
never get your application out in the street.


Celso Pinto <cpinto yimports com>

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