Re: Followup: opinions on Search services

Celso Pinto wrote:
Hi there,

It is debatable. If your reality is modern machines with tons of ram
then yes but for others less fortunate...

what would you call a modern machine with tons of ram? Here in Portugal
the current standard (new machines you buy in computer shops) is at least
a 2Ghz Celeron /512Mb RAM desktop machine and cost around 450Eur.

This seems quite fair for Beagle/Mono.

Typical buyers of these machines are the users, from my POV, targeted by
Beagle: the same folks that want some simple way of searching their
personal stuff.

I'm not saying it's OK to have huge requirements, but you must draw the
line (target audience/platform requirements) somewhere otherwise you'll
never get your application out in the street.


Well my second machine is 1.2ghz p4 with 256mb ram and I would love to be able to run an indexer on it. But with Gnome's memory requirement and genuine concerns over Beagle's resource usage I dont think that would be practical.

Of course some people will be worse off and others better but 1Ghz processor should be sufficient and 256MB Ram plenty enough for the forseeable future.


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