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El vie, 26-12-2003 a las 12:59, Arafat Medini escribió:
> I think if you are a member of gnome (and from your email add I suppose
> you are) then you have responsability, sure we all enjoy our work and
> sure we don't serve each other but we still serve each other in the way
> that for eg. no one from the board member can say well we don't serve
> anyone so let us not make a gnome release, or we'll make a gnome release
> when it suits us, I think: yes it's first of all to enjoy work BUT you
> have responsability so take it or step out from this responsability.

I have the responsability to do what I want/can inside the GNOME project
as a volunteer, just like you. I'm not a member board, you did not give
me your vote to do what I'm doing now like I did not give you my vote to
do your translations. You translate what you want and I code what I
want. As a note, I have a mail alias just because I'm a GNOME
Foundation member. You can get it also because you are a GNOME

> If I was a coder I would indeed make such a script, that's why I was
> asking you in a very polite form to point me to one or to make one for
> us.

You don't need to be a coder to create such script.

I don't consider a "polite form" tell me that be busy to develop a
script you want/need is not a excuse to not develop it.

Excuse me but that's not polite here (and doubt it's polite in any

> As you can see I said please first and then I asked to point and then I
> asked to make one...

Of course, but please, don't forget the rest of your mail:

"Uh, well we are all busy ... this is not an excuse to be honest..."

> But saying well I only like to make things when I want to, then ok do it
> as you like, but please don't take responsabilities then...

I will be really pleased to give the translation status pages maintainer
task to any other person out there. Any volunteer?

That's my only responsibility with you as a translator.

You don't like my work? do it you better or found any other hacker to do
it for me and I will be pleased to stop working with you if you don't
like my work. But will not stop my work until someone else takes that
"responsibility" you think I'm not doing.

Thank you for this ugly Christmas present, I think that it's what I was
missing to finish this fucked year. 


> yours
> Arafat elMedini
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