Re: Removing the "&build" from gtk+ in CVSROOT/modules

On Thu, Aug 05, 2004 at 10:21:06PM -0400, Todd Fisher wrote:
> Dave Benson wrote:
> >Yeah, for a project i work on, i really want a way
> >to write .sln files from automake's's.
> >(only a subset of automake that pertains to library
> >building need be emulated.)
> >
> >from the command line, running 'devenv /build release gtk.sln'
> >would be nice and fast...
> >
> >i hear there's an API for writing .sln files,
> >but parsing's is a pain, so this task is tough.
> >
> >- dave
> >
> There is a very interesting project that might help although it is still 
> very new. It is called bakefile
> It apparently allows you to create project files or auto* files.
> -todd

great, now if someone will just write a automake/ => bakefile converter...

- dave

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