Re: Nautilus usability and nit-picks

> Working within the 'local' directory structure should maintain a
> consistent behavior, regardless of the underlying implementation of that
> particular directory/mount. The same thing applies to smb:// versus
> smbfs, http:// versus davfs (yeah, it exists), etc.  There is a lot of
> work being done in gnome-vfs (and I'm guessing Nautilus) for is_local
> to work and return FALSE on NFS mounted files, when a large part of
> that, IMNSHO, is counter-productive and incorrect.  I read a discussion
> of something similar on the gnome-vfs list a while ago, I believe.
> is_local should return TRUE for anything in the file:/// heirarchy and
> the API should probably be extended to cover the 'other' semantic
> meaning of is_local (is_fast or some such).

I think gnome-vfs just needs a has_local_path function. Such as
gnome_vfs_uri_has_local_path and gnome_vfs_uri_get_local_path. 

The current get_local_path function only works for file:// URIs. It
sucks that you can't determine a local path for an applications:// URI.
In that respect is_local makes sense since applications:// _is_ local
but still doesn't have a local path. Same goes for NFS, it is _not_
local, but it does have a local path.

- Frank

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