Re: Bugzilla spring cleaning

> You're totally missing the point here. The amount of bugs in bugzilla in
> comparison with the number of developers are such that we basically
> cannot use bugzilla at all if we want to get anything done. The bugs
> that are in bugzilla are not better served by being open if that means
> nobody will ever be able to find them or look at them.
> If we were able to close all "not replicable" bugs in an easy way we
> would do that, however there just isn't any way to do that in an
> automated fashion. So, the alternatives are:
> a) Spend all of our time reading bugzilla, none of our time fixing bugs
> b) Ignore bugzilla
> c) Do something drastic that try to make bugzilla actually useful to
> developers
> Unless we do c), we're gonna be doing b), because a) is of no use to
> either developers or users.

>From a user point of view, does it mean that I should "file" bugs
directly on mailing lists instead of (or in addition to) filing them on
bugzilla ?
Julien Olivier <julo altern org>

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