Re: Gnome 2.6: What were you thinking?

bbarnich umich edu wrote:

 > Is that it? To, me those can all be implemented in options rather
 > than seperate codebases. I mean seriously, it is just how the windows
 > are handled that makes the difference between spacial and browser
 > mode. Seriously people, why? I want to customize my interface, not
 > follow what I *should* like

Exactly.  It's kind of insane that what could be one or two simple
options can create such havoc.  Fortunately, that option is apparently
on its way...

Once there is a simple menu preference to toggle between
spatial/browser, is there a need to have a "Browse Filesystem" button in
the main menu bar and a "Browse folder" option from the right click
menu?  It seems confusing to have both paradigms active at the same


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