Re: Thumbnail size causing moving targets

Steven Garrity wrote:
Steven Garrity wrote:
 > Do all thumbnails generated by Nautilus take up the same
 > amount of space?
 > If so, perhaps we could just float the current "generating
 > thumbnail" icon in the middle of an area of that size.

Update: No, not all thumbnails take up the same amount of space. Can anyone shed any light on how the thumbnail size is determined?

This must have been a trade-off between stability during thumbnail generation and efficient use of space with smaller thumbnails.

Steven Garrity
I personally thing that variable size thumbnails doesn't make any sense
at all...
I think that if we have a standard dimension for the thumbnails we have
a lot less of problems with icons aligning and stuff....
In my opinion doesn't make any sense also variable sized icons...they
only mess up the alignement in my desktop...

My 2 cents..

ciao ciao

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