Re: Thumbnail size causing moving targets

On Tue, 2004-05-25 at 17:37, Steven Garrity wrote:
> Steven Garrity wrote:
>  > Do all thumbnails generated by Nautilus take up the same
>  > amount of space?
>  >
>  > If so, perhaps we could just float the current "generating
>  > thumbnail" icon in the middle of an area of that size.
> Update: No, not all thumbnails take up the same amount of space. Can 
> anyone shed any light on how the thumbnail size is determined?
> This must have been a trade-off between stability during thumbnail 
> generation and efficient use of space with smaller thumbnails.

Ah, this is the difference between "thumbnail" and "view image as
itself". Files that are really small are not thumbnailed, they are just
loaded, and viewed in their regular size (i think, or at least smaller).
This typically happens to be icon files, which is why this was
introduced. Anyway, scaling them up to the size of thumbnails probably
won't look good. 

Of course, using the file size as an indicator of image resolution isn't
perfect and sometimes fails.

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