Re: GtkMediaPlayer widget

It's got one pros and many cons:

I like it because it is, technically speaking, an interface (unless gtk was to implement it with a simple pixbuf animated gif player, which I'm all for).

I don't like it because the nuances are wrong. The Gtk object hierarchy would have GtkMediaInterface listed somewhere above GObject, I believe.

Developers would be confused. They would not get the impression that media widgets are first class citizens in gtk.

Developers would want to see the media widget deriving from GtkWidget like all their other widgets.

iain wrote:

the value returned from gst_player_new or helix_player_new or whatever
would derive from GtkWidget, but the GtkMediaInterface is simply and
interface that the GtkWidget implements, and interfaces derive from
GInterface, not GtkWidget. Check out gtkeditable.c (although that might
not be the easiest interface in the world to understand, its the only
one I can think of at the moment)


Ryan Gammon
rgammon real com
Developer for Helix Player

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