Re: Regarding Nautilus scripts

> If the submenu is because the main context menu gets too cluttered, the
> submenu will be cluttered too and we would have a basic design problem.

I used BeOS for years. From all the people I know that used or still are in
the... unfortunate position of still using BeOS, no one had more than 7 or 8
addons in their Tracker submenu (however, they are not the same addons for
everyone, 90% of the users need that 10% of different features, applies
here). Experience shows me that people don't download all possible Tracker
addons they find on BeBits (, they only
download what is needed by them. And I have yet to meet a user than has more
than 7 or 8 addons installed. But then again, on BeOS,
installing/uninstalling an addon is as easy as removing/placing its .so file
to /boot/home/config/tracker/ and Tracker will immediately understand the
change, because of the "live" file system (no Tracker restart required).
Now, that's simplicity, power, easy management. And it doesn't bloat the top
level menu of Tracker.

>In what way? How is implementing them as components bloat? I thought
>components were the state-of-the-art for _avoiding_ bloat. Can you be
>more specific?

I am talking about their placement to the top level menu.

>Medusa will allow you to find and select files in lots of cool ways, and

Addons are not just about finding files though. You either talk about File
Roller around here, or about the Medusa-grep thing. I can think of 15 more
useful addons in which you don't have any answer to give me on how they can
be implemented with Nautilus.

>With you on our side we cannot fail. Mwa ha ha ha (evil megalomanic laugh


I will possibly make that mockup later today for all of you and then I am
outta here. My (short) involvement with Gnome ends today.


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