Re: Unbreaking the gnome clipboard

On Mon, 2003-06-16 at 00:11, Andrew Sobala wrote:


> It does look nice and simple... _but_ if we're including it in GNOME we
> would have to:


> 1) have a long conversation about Mono (which is still too immature
> IMHO, because I'm a happy hippo) or
> 2) rewrite it in C :-)

The rewrite to C would not be very hard but I also think that some day
"that" Mono conversation will come. That day Gcm.Net will probably be
ready and waiting with a C# version of the Daemon. For the time being a
C (or C++) version might be a temporary solution...


> Urgh. It sounds like we'll never have PRIMARY working the way I would
> "expect" it to, then.

Well it's very hard, I can assure you that... 

Again, the only way you can get a Clipboard Manager working perfectly
with the PRIMARY clipboard would be by adding a global event to X that
any application can catch. I am not sure, however, if something like
that is possible. The event would have to get thrown each time any
application loses it's PRIMARY, CLIPBOARD or SECONDARY-ownership. At
this moment it is only possible to know if you (the application) lost
her ownership, so a Clipboard Manager must make sure that it always has
that ownership or else get the new clipboard a.s.a.p. and reclaim
ownership of the selection-atom. And that is not a good solution for the

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