Re: Unbreaking the gnome clipboard

> > 2. The ability to make a selection, and use the middle mouse button to paste the selection
> > even after the selection is lost. ie. the middle mouse button pastes the last selection
> > instead of being limited to the current one.
> Well, you will have a VERY hard time getting that working :-).

I have no idea of the technical details involved, but I do know that
kde's klipper (i think that's what its called) has had this working 
for as long as i can remember. The only issue, and it's probably a big
one, is that it only works with kde apps. /me smells a nasty hack.

Anyway, having the normal clipboard working properly is the number
one priority IMHO, but it would be nice to get this working at some

Mark Finlay <sisob eircom net>

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