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<quote who="Sean Middleditch">

> > Thoughts?
> I'd rather not see exceptions starting to be made.  Many applications are
> "important" and have "big jobs" for integration.  If we start lowering our
> quality control and requirements for one app, why not do it for all of
> them?

Because there's no sense arguing about logical extremes here. We tend to
prefer practical solutions. :-)

There's a big transition here for Evolution. We're bringing a very large app
into the release process, and dragging it's development team with it. That's
a big change for everyone involved. The Evo team have not had to deal with
our process before, *or* our requirements.

So, while I would prefer that we have a fully GTK+ 2.4 lovin' Evolution to
go with our fully GTK+ 2.4 lovin' GNOME 2.8, I think it's worth pulling Evo
into the release regardless. This will help them get into the swing of the
release process, and fully embrace all of it by 2.10. We can be hardarses on
them during 2.9, just to make the point. :-)

I don't think "well, why not do it for all of them?" is a useful argument to
have, because this (minor) issue with Evolution is a very understandable,
potentially justified special case. Yes, it's a fine line, I know.

That said, it sounds like some vendors are pushing GTK+ 2.4 lovin' patches
as we speak... Perhaps that's an option.

- Jeff

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                        problems." - Bruce Schneier

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