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> > 
> > I'd rather not see exceptions starting to be made.  Many applications are
> > "important" and have "big jobs" for integration.  If we start lowering our
> > quality control and requirements for one app, why not do it for all of
> > them?
> Because there's no sense arguing about logical extremes here. We tend to
> prefer practical solutions. :-)

Sure.  But the practical solution to this problem is "someone commits to
taking a vendor patch and polishing it to a state that, with ifdefs, it
gets included in evolution." 

> There's a big transition here for Evolution. We're bringing a very large app
> into the release process, and dragging it's development team with it. That's
> a big change for everyone involved. The Evo team have not had to deal with
> our process before, *or* our requirements.

> So, while I would prefer that we have a fully GTK+ 2.4 lovin' Evolution to
> go with our fully GTK+ 2.4 lovin' GNOME 2.8, I think it's worth pulling Evo
> into the release regardless. This will help them get into the swing of the
> release process, and fully embrace all of it by 2.10. We can be hardarses on
> them during 2.9, just to make the point. :-)

Silly question - are there lots of evo hackers that don't know yet what
the release process is ? I'm getting more of a feeling that the fact
that it doesn't use the fileselector properly has more to do with the
fact that they're focusing on other stuff and not seeing this as a major
requirement.  As someone else asked - will the next Evolution resist
other new GTK functionality for the sake of backwards compatibility ?

I'm not saying it's the wrong thing to do for Evolution.  I'm just
wondering if it's really that hard to get the fileselector done
correctly in Evo; and if it isn't, why they should skip on doing it.


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