Re: Proposed: gnome-keyring-manager

<quote who="Fernando Herrera">

> 	I can not understand why a 6 month delay would help on this.

Because the interaction model of the current g-k-m is confusing, even for
me. :-) I think six months will give the usability team time to work on the
interaction model with you, and polish it up for inclusion.

> I know that the keyring concept it's a bit hard to understand.

Keyring stuff isn't horribly difficult to understand (but yes, it is a bit
foreign), but it's the current g-k-m design that I'm worried about. I had
lots of trouble working it out, and I totally understand how the keyring

> 	So please, instead of saying that g-k-m (from my point of view,
> g-k, that is included) is difficult and propose an indeterminated delay, make 
> some more sugestions to solve the problems we currently have on the
> Desktop about keyring and the problems for including g-k-m (something
> like "Our usability guys said that the 'wallet' term KDE is using is
> better than our 'keyring', so please change it on all visible strings.
> Also change 'item' for password+secret).

I can't give you great answers on this, which is why I suggest collaboration
with Bryan + the usability team between now and the 2.9/2.10 module freeze.

- Jeff

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