Re: Remote X-windows (was slow remote X windows)

Robert Wittams <> writes:
> This (among other things) will be solved with gconf in the gnome 2
> platform - if an app on another machine needs settings, it will contact
> the already running gconfd. (If you log into two machines.) This all
> occurs through OAF, which decides whether to activate a new gconfd or
> use one on a remote host, when a client app asks for gconf.

Well, there is one gconfd per home directory basically. Things will
still be a bit hosed if you have GNOME apps from two different
accounts showing on the same display.

However you can't really handle both the different-display and the
different-home-dir case; _something_ has to be shared to get any
communication going.

Anyway it's safe to say that GNOME 1.2 is totally hosed either way,
because sometimes it has per-display info and sometimes per-home-dir
info or per-machine info, and it doesn't know how to coordinate all


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