Re: Building on Solaris : /bin/sh != bash

On Sun, 2002-01-20 at 03:44, Tomas Ogren wrote:

> Hm. it seems to be included, sorry.. but not installed if you do a
> jumpstart with the SUNWCXall cluster which is "Entire Distribution Plus
> OEM Support" .. So I guess it won't be installed if you just click on
> that in the install program either.. It's optional, so assuming it
> exists _will_ break stuff.. (and AIX, IRIX, HP-UX, ...)

Trust me on this - bash, zsh and tcsh are now a standard part of
Solaris, and if they aren't getting installed for you you have an
configuration issue.  Trust me on knowing this - see my second email
address below. ;O)

I wasn't suggesting that the configure scripts just altered the line
without checking, however.  You're *not* going to convince the Linux
people here to re-write their scripts for a different shell to the one
they use every day.  The best you can do is have the configure script
find bash on your system, and make sure it's used if it finds it. 
Otherwise spit out a warning asking you to install it from or the OS CD set (I think it was on the companion CDs
for a while before it became standard).  That would solve *so* many
problems here, and would be unnoticed by most Solaris 8 and 9 users from
now on.  It would just work. =O)

Hope this helps,

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