Re: How to detect if the gnome 2 panel is runing.

Hi Jonas,

On Mon, 2002-07-29 at 19:22, Jonas Aaberg wrote:
> I wanted to do the same with gnome 2. Then those --oaf* command
> line options are a very simple way to detect if my applet shall
> go on and try to become a gnome 2 panel applet or a window maker
> applet.

	Ok - so one way to detect whether you have been activated by
bonobo-activation-server, that is (hopefully) more immune to change; is
to use:

const char *bonobo_activation_iid_get ();

	Which will return non NULL if you were activated by

> I hope you guys are not too angry at me for not following the
> normal gnome 2 panel applet standard. ;-)

	No problem, it makes more sense re-phrased in that way - you don't
really want to see if the panel is running at all in fact :-)



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