Re: ? gnome_startup_acquire_token in GNOME2

> Trying "appname.png" as a fallback seems fine, I guess.
Probably, for the beginning this would be enough? Actually, I know very
few apps (to say the truth - only gnome core apps and my gswitchit)
which are really interested in this part of GNOME, so why not make it
simple and rigid:)? 

> Should already be setting it, libgnomeui has a function to set the
> default icon... in future this default will then be icon-themed.
I see what you mean. But the application will usually have _one_
app-specific icon - so why not allow to set this icon at
development/build/install time (but not runtime). Actually, I know
0(zero) applications which would change their "branded" icons depending
on themes/locales/... Do you know any?


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