Re: ? gnome_startup_acquire_token in GNOME2

On Thu, Nov 07, 2002 at 12:43:58AM +0000, Sergey V. Udaltsov wrote:
> > Trying "appname.png" as a fallback seems fine, I guess.
> Probably, for the beginning this would be enough? Actually, I know very
> few apps (to say the truth - only gnome core apps and my gswitchit)
> which are really interested in this part of GNOME, so why not make it
> simple and rigid:)? 

It's a pretty dubious hack.

> > Should already be setting it, libgnomeui has a function to set the
> > default icon... in future this default will then be icon-themed.
> I see what you mean. But the application will usually have _one_
> app-specific icon - so why not allow to set this icon at
> development/build/install time (but not runtime). Actually, I know
> 0(zero) applications which would change their "branded" icons depending
> on themes/locales/... Do you know any?

Yes, they should all change with icon theme. We change all app icons
in low or high contrast mode, for example.

The icon _name_ passed to the SM won't change while the app is
running, it's true. But I do think the icon name should be provided
somewhere, rather than derived from the app name itself.

We may also do this dynamically, e.g. in GNOME 1.x the icon found in
the desktop file used to launch an app would override the app's normal
icon, and I think that's a good feature we should restore sometime.


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