Re: ? gnome_startup_acquire_token in GNOME2

> Sure, somewhat better. Not really permanently fixing the problem
> though.
Well, at least majority here agreed this fix would be "quick, dirty and
good enough":) Nobody claims it is really perfect:)

> You need GNOME 2.1.x and the gnome-icon-themes package or whatever
> it's called.
Well, probably in 2.1... In 2.0 I see that applications, for example,
has 1(one) icon in its .desktop file. So, for example, in "Preferences"
icons do not depend on themes/resolutions/etc. Are you saying people can
specify several icons in .desktop in GNOME 2.1? It is really great
improvement (though I bet most of developers will still ship one icon:)
Or did I get you wrong - and you're saying about stock icons only?


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