Re: gtkhtml2 vs. gtkhtml1


> > 2) To render help pages and show HTML mail, we do not need:
> > 	a) Full HTML 4.0.1
> > 	b) Full CSS1/2 support
> > 	c) Full DOM1/2 support
> > 	d) Full JS1.5 support
> We *do* want both CSS and DOM for the help stuff (at least). 

Do we really need the DOM though?  I can understand CSS, but there is
really no need for the DOM. 

I am thinking here in terms of what would be required to make gtkhtml1
support the help system.   My impression was that you only need the DOM
if you are going to make changes dynamically to the page.  

The DOM bits can be emulated during the page parsing.

Not advocating anything, I just know that Radek has contemplated this
idea in the past.


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