Re: gnome-vfs/GIOChannel for parsing

On Fri, Feb 28, 2003 at 10:12:46AM +0000, Michael Meeks wrote: 
> [1] - and yes I know you can point to a list with millions of lines of 
>       discussion about twigs - while people are burning great chunks of
>       forest elsewhere undiscussed.

You decided you don't like cross-desktop specs and don't care about
GTK.  So you aren't reading gtk-devel-list, you aren't reading
xdg-list, you aren't reading bugzilla mail for GTK, etc.  Then you
complain about how you don't know what's going on in these areas.

If you're going to decide that cross-desktop specs don't work and
boycott xdg-list as irrelevant, then you aren't going to see when
cross-desktop code/specs are discussed. If you aren't going to
participate in GTK design discussions, as you never have, then you
aren't going to know anything about them.

Well, it's not anyone's fault but your own. Maybe you don't have time
to read all these discussions and evaluate the issues - fine, not
everyone can do everything. But don't bitch to us about how you've
allocated your priorities.

Do you know how I follow GTK development? I read the bugzilla spam,
and I'm on gtk-devel-list. Matthias Clasen, Soeren Sandmann, Tor
Lillqvist, James Henstridge, and Kristian Rietveld are all larger
current contributors to GTK+ than anyone at Red Hat other than Owen.
None of them work for any GNOME-related company. Somehow they manage
to track GTK+ development and get patches accepted.

The facts are: every major planned feature for GTK+ 2.4 is on the web
page, posted to gtk-devel-list, in bugzilla, and in many cases there's
prototype code in CVS. Name a GTK+ 2.4 "forest" that isn't publicly
posted and I might think of taking you seriously.


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